Fiber optic attenuator

Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuators, Single Mode – Thorlabs Thorlabs Single Mode Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuators allow one to attenuate an optical signal easily by plugging an FCPC- or FCAPC-terminated fiber directly. We offer ST, SC, FC, and LC attenuators with the following dB values 1 1 20. Fiber Optics – Attenuators Optoelectronics DigiKey items. Fiber Optic Attenuators Fiber optic attenuators are used in the fiber optic links to reduce the optical power at a certain level. Our fixed optical attenuators are fiber connectors that can be attached to an FCPC or FCAPC fiber patch cable.

OZ Optics offers a broad range of both variable and fixed attenuators having key. L-com stocks fiber optic attenuators for use in test and production networks. Fiber Optic Attenuator – Fiber Instrument Sales We stock filtered and mechanical fiber optic attenuators.

Electrically Controlled Variable Fiber Optic Attenuator, DTS0010. Manual or electronic control of the output power. Fiber Optic Attenuators: TestProduction Networks, ST,SC, FC,LC,510.

We supply various kinds of fiber attenuators, including LC.

Fiber optic attenuator

Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuators – Newport Newport s Single-Mode Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuators offer low return loss, high mode stability and a variety of attenuation values: 1 and dB. RF Manual Attenuator – m An optical attenuator, or fiber optic attenuator, is a device used to reduce the power level of an optical signal, either in free space or in an optical fiber. Styles in Male to Female and bulkhead female to female including air gap, variable and clip-on. Ancor Marine Grade Electrical Nylon Insulated Adhesive Lined Heat.

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Datasheet (Note pins are in a single row, as shown in the pictures). Delivery information: Delivery to mainland UK only.

Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuators, Single Mode – Thorlabs

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Fiber Optic Attenuators