Jandy rs232 interface

RS Serial Adapter Jandy Home Automation Interface 7620- Pool. Jandy system cannot be controlled from the Viewer interface. I wanted to avoid the 4rs-2device that jandy sells. Jandy RS Serial Adapter Home Automation Interface 76The RS Serial. The apps feature simple and Intuitive graphical user Interfaces, making them easy to.

Jandy 76Serial Adapter Interface with Home Automation The Jandy Serial Adapter Interface allows communication between the AquaLink RS OneTouch or All Button systems with other home automation systems. Jandy RS Control Modules Module Application Guide – ControlWorks This suite of three modules supports the Jandy RS series of pool and spa controllers. Also fits Zodiac AMX Netlinx and Axcess, Vantage, LiteTouch, Lutron, Crestron and Elan Automation Interfaces control system. So that the wires between the RS- 2port and the adapter are fairly short (no more). Zodiac 76Home Automation Interface Generic.

This adapter provides a RS-2connection enabling reliable monitoring.

Jandy rs2interface

Control your Jandy equipment from your PC with a adapter. AquaLink Serial Adapter RS – Home Automation adapter. AquaLink RS PC-Computer InterfaceDocking Station, except it s on . LiteTouch and Elan Systems, and any RS2intelligent home automation system). ControlWorks does not offer support on user interface template issues. Jandy AquaLink RS home automation Jandy AquaLink home automation using generic PhasLink AMX.

Wiring Jandy AquaLink RS control system to the adapter: Power. The RS-2serial interface operates at any of eight baud rates. This Serial adapter home automation interface is designed to use with Zodiac Jandy AquaLink RS.

Connect any device with an EIA-2serial port to the Jandy Serial Adapter Interface and you ll be able to have control over certain. Pool and spa control to your other RS-2intelligent serial communication systems. Ships from and sold by m in easy-to-open packaging.


AquaLink Serial Adapter RS - Home Automation

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Jandy AquaLink RS

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Jandy 76Serial Adapter Interface with Home Automation

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