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Farnell IFT (mA for MOC302 mA for MOC302 mA for MOC3023) and absolute max IF (mA). MOC30thru MOC30Series – Liteon Product Data Sheet. Motorola MOC302 MOC302 MOC302 and MOC30typical 1152Vac(rms) applications. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA 25C unless otherwise noted).

Recommended operating IF lies between max IFT, mA for MOC302 mA for MOC3021. MOC3021M PDF Datasheet 6-Pin DIP 400V Random Phase Triac. A) – Texas Instruments D Directly Interchangeable with. The MOC301XM and MOC302XM series are optically isolated triac driver devices.

Wide lead spacing package : MOC3020M, MOC3021M, MOC3022M, MOC3023M. Fairchild Semiconductor – Data Sheet for MOC30Datasheet.


6-Pin DIP Random-Phase Optoisolators Triac Driver Output. These devices contain a GaAs infrared emitting diode and a light activated. MOC30Datasheet(PDF) – Texas Instruments – m MOC30datasheet, MOC30circuit, MOC30data sheet : TI – OPTOCOUPLERS OPTOISOLATORS,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for.

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6-Pin DIP Random-Phase Optoisolators Triac Driver Output. - Farnell

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