Phono oscillator

I added a power supply and a 6Las a broadband amp. Phono Oscillator – Low Power AM Transmitter – This unit transmits audio to any AM receiver. Low Power Radio: Phono oscillators – a Knight in shining (blue) armor phono oscillator, Knight-Kit Electronics, Knight Broadcaster.

So I bought a one tube phono oscillator which had a one foot wire on it for an antenna. Proper operation of the oscillator may be verified by probing the junction of the two 10pf capacitors with a high impedance. I ve seen three versions of the Zenith phono oscillator.

12J512SA7GT Wireless BroadcasterPhono Oscillator The oscillator on this page is based on the 19Zenith S-70series, but a few additions and changes have been made to the original transmitter circuit. Wireless Broadcaster originally from WE0H but now by way of the web. AM band Transmitter – m Tunable Phono Oscillator.

I know we used what was called then a phono oscillator, I don t remember if.

Phono oscillator

Range is dependent on the aerial used. Hi guys, when I was a year old ki we built a small AM broadcasting station. Vintage Lafayette AM Phono Oscillator.

Knight-Kit Wireless Broadcaster Rig here is a phono oscillator circa 1959. The one I used was sold in kit form by Allied RadioKnight Kit. PDF copy of manual for the Knight-Kit.

The Phono Oscillator goes back to the 19s. 1Kva Transformer Amps – Transformer Power Jun 2014. 1st of all thanks to the previous air conditioning posts that helped me solve my ac problem – T C Touring L 47900.

12J512SA7GT Wireless BroadcasterPhono Oscillator

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AM band Transmitter

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Broadcasting From The Home

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