Power resister

Manufacturer and of power resistors, high performance resistors, high power resistors, wire wound power resistors, power resistor, wirewound resistor, parallel. Manufacturer of power resistor products for resistor, dynamic braking, motor control, and grounding applications. Power ratings from 10-3watts with proper heatsink Resistance range K ohms based on wattage size. High Power Resistors – Power Resistors and Power Resistors. Ohmite: Electronic components, Power resistors, Surface mount.

Vishay – Resistors, Fixed – Power Metal Strip Vishay s Power Metal Strip resistors are ideal for high-power current sensing applications in automotive and many other applications. Resistor Power Rating and the Power of Resistors Electronics Tutorial about Resistor Power Rating and Resistor Wattage Rating including the Power Triangle for Resistors to calculate a Resistors Power Rating. Ohmite manufactures electronic components such as Power resistor applications, surface mount resistors, rheostats, power inductors, precision resistors, carbon.

Case Type CR Watts: 100-5: Ohms: 5-2000. Resistor – , the free encyclopedia At any instant, the power P (watts) consumed by a resistor of resistance R (ohms) is calculated as: P I R I V V R displaystyle PI2RIVfrac V2R where V (volts) is the voltage across the resistor and I (amps) is the current flowing through it. High Power resistors – Ohmite: Find Products: Electronic.

Power resister

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High Power Resistors - Power Resistors and Power Resistors

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Ohmite: Electronic components, Power resistors, Surface mount

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