Socket and light switch heights

Height of Sockets and Switches Light Switch Height and Socket. Minimum electric socket height AVForums Can someone please tell me the minimum height an electric socket has to be. I ve got an electrician lined up to fit extra plug sockets in some of the rooms in my.

Images for socket and light switch heights UK Building Regulations Part M (Access to and use of buildings) states that wall mounted switches and socket outlets for power, lighting and other equipment in. In this project guide learn about the height requirements of electrical sockets, light switches, intercom systems, tv sockets, sockets, door bells and worktop. He has also mentioned that light switches need to be at a certain height or. Light switches are lower so I grope around the wall looking for them when I walk into a. Accessory mounting heights – IET Electrical Both sources stipulate that socket outlets, switches and controls should be installed at a height between 450mm and 1200mm above the finished floor level. Switch and socket heights – you have to be joking.

Generally, this means it is a minimum of 450mm to the underside of an outlet and a maximum of 1200mm to the top of a switch or a control.

Socket and light switch heights

Q: Why are the heights of wall switches for lights, lower than before. How high off the floor should of plug sockets be? IET Forums – Switch Socket Heights – The IET The positioning of sockets and switches is one of the provisions of Part. A minimum of 450mm from the finished floor level and light switches, doorbells.

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