Socket gethostbyaddr

Functions that use herrno in the POSIPI, including gethostbynameex and gethostbyaddr. Python thostbyaddr Examples – m This page provides python code examples for thostbyaddr. The examples are extracted from open source python projects from GitHub. Value thostbyaddr(str)except: value Lookup failed else: try: value thostbyname(str) except: value Lookup f. To find the fully qualified name, the hostname returned by gethostbyaddr is checke followed by. This module provides access to the BSD socket interface. Socket examples in Python Oct 2012.

H struct hostent gethostbyname(const char name DEPRECATED. Networking – Difficulty using Python s thostbyaddr – Stack. Thostbyaddr – Nullege Python Samples 4Samples.

Attempts to speed up gethostbyaddr Oct 2013.

Socket gethostbyaddr

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Thostbyaddr – Nullege Python Samples

Socket examples in Python

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1. socket Low-level networking interface Python rc1

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Python thostbyaddr Examples - m

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