Ultrasonic speaker

Soundlazer Experiments with parametric and directional speaker systems have been going on since the early 1960s. Ultrasonic audio technologies: Home Ultrasonic audio is the leading developer of directional speakers and HCI s based on contact-free tactile feedback. Acouspade directional speaker – Ultrasonic audio technologies This allows for a complete integration of the system into the 22mm thin flat-panel emitter housing, making the Acouspade, the thinnest directional speaker on the. A Speaker : The speaker that only YOU can hear Indiegogo Imagine a speaker that only you can hear, even if there are a bunch of other. Ultrasonic sound has much smaller wavelengths than.

The Soundlazer uses ultrasonic carrier waves to transmit audio to listeners. Soundlazer – putting sound where you want it This ultrasonic speaker array has a powerful beam for long range. Large Ultrasonic Speaker Array – Soundlazer This ultrasonic speaker array has a powerful beam for long range listening.

The 1Speaker That Lets You Direct Sound Like a Laser Beam Mar 2 2012. Directional loudspeakers – How they work – Explain that Stuff Mar 2016. A transducer can be made to project a narrow beam of modulated ultrasound that is powerful enough, at 1to 1dBSPL, to substantially change the.

Ultrasonic speaker

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Acouspade directional speaker – Ultrasonic audio technologies

What is a parametric speaker? - Soundlazer

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A Speaker : The speaker that only YOU can hear Indiegogo

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