What are four factors that determine resistance

Best Answer: the resistivity (specific resistance) of the material the area of cross section the length of the material the temperature and the. Four factors that determine the resistance of a wire or any object. BBC – Intermediate Bitesize Physics – Resistance : Revision There are several factors that affect the resistance of a conductor material e.g. Factors Which Affect the Resistance of a Wire : Papers – Free Essays Category: Papers Title: Factors Which Affect the Resistance of a Wire. Identify four factors that determine resistance of an object. The fourth factor is the conductivity of the material we are using).

What four factors determine the resistance of a material – m Factor that determine resistance include length, area ofcross-section, temperature, and the metallic or non-metallic natureof the material. There are four factors that affect the resistance of a wire. Temperature – heating a wire increases its resistance.

Length – longer wires have greater resistance.

What are four factors that determine resistance

Thickness (cross sectional area of the wire length, and temperature all have some effect on the amount of resistance created in a conductor. Factors Affecting the Resistance of a Wire : Papers – Free Essays There are a few factors that affect the resistance, it is determined by the properties an. Resistance – The Physics Classroom A third variable that is known to affect the resistance to charge flow is the material. Like a lamp, a resistor, a thermistor, a diode and so on.

Cyberphysics – Factors that affect the resistance of a wire The resistance of an object is a measure of the how reluctant current is to flow through that object. Physics Zone: Resistance in a Conductor – RegentsPrep There are three external factors that influence the resistance in a conductor. Four Factors Affecting Resistance John Vagabond s Physics and. Thickness – smaller diameter wires have greater resistance. The materials shown in the last four rows of the above table have such high.

Resistance is a property of a DEVICE or a COMPONENT. 4.Wire width:If the wires width is increased the resistance will decrease. Wire board (with lengths of wire meters) Ammeter (amps).

Physics Zone: Resistance in a Conductor – RegentsPrep.

What four factors determine the resistance of a material - m

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Identify four factors that determine resistance of an object

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