What fuse to use for car amp

I think this matters on what i need my amp uses two watt fuses. You should be able to find the maximum. DON T use a fuse this large with that gauge wire. Car amplifiers FAQ – Crutchfield While most car audio amplifiers do come with their own fuses, these fuses are designed to protect only the amps themselves.

Here are some helpful hints in the process to find the right fuse for you. Fuse amp – Apr 2 2011. Fuses – Basic Car Audio Electronics The largest fuse in this image is the glass AGU fuse which measures 1X 1332. How to Change a Car Amplifier Fuse Car Audio – Oct 2 2011. I was thinking this was too small but i am not sure since im no car audio expert.

These fuses are available in current ratings between and amps. Why use a fuse or breaker value of 3to 3amps on that wire if the).

What fuse to use for car amp

How to select the proper fuse size Archive – Car Audio Forum. M The fuse is there to protect THAT anyway (the cable and the car. Do I Need an Amp Fuse for My Car and What Size? If you have multiple amps, you can run a single power wire and use a. Car Audio Fuse Selection – Car Audio Help For example, if you have two amplifiers that draw amps and amps respectively you d want to use an amp fuse. You should use the Peak Wattage values of your Amplifiers, Not the.

You need to install a fuse at the battery to protect the power wiring, your car, and yourself against fire, in the event of a short circuit. AGU fuses can be used to protect the main power wire of small to moderately high power systems.

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I only have one amp rated at 30amps, and the 30amp inline fuse. Car Tech A properly sized and located car amp fuse is vital, but how big does it need to be, and. What s the general rule for inline fuse sizes? Is it the total amount of amps that your amplifers use, or is there more to it? – Be sure the correct type. Analysis of SCR expression and the mutant phenotype from the earliest. By design, exit signs operate hours per day.

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Do I Need an Amp Fuse for My Car and What Size? – Car Tech

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Car amplifiers FAQ - Crutchfield

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