Why do protons repel protons but attract electrons

Why does an electron repel an electron and attract a proton? In terms of electrons and protons, why a charged object is attracted or repelled by another. The first of these has to do with electric charge, something I mentioned on the previous page. Like charges repel each other, protons have the same charge. Quora Why do electrons and protons attract each other? Positive charges repel positive charges (ever played with a magnet?).

Electric Charge and Static Electricity flashcards Quizlet The charge on a proton. (Within protons and neutrons, the quarks themselves carry charge, but this is only important to us in that the net charge of a. What do the electric fields of each individual do by repelling or attracting? Aridlino, you re right about the proton and the neutron, but the electron is not a baryon. What Holds an Atom Together – Webs.

Since opposite charges attract, protons and electrons attract each other.

Why do protons repel protons but attract electrons

It will be explained by talking about charges of the quarks, which are in protons. Why don t protons in a nucleus repel each other? I don t know why the protons would be positive and electrons negative. But a simplified answer has to do with the energy or speed of the electron. Why does an electron repel an electron and attract a proton.

The reason is that they have different types of charge. But if your question is about the repeling of. Why do protons repel protons, but attract electrons? Why do protons repel protons but attract electrons – m Protons have a positive charge.

Note that the electrons do not have color charges, which is why they espace. The particles have a property that attracts and repels based on. That is, a proton and an electron will attract each other).

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Why does an electron repel an electron and attract a proton

Why do protons repel each other? - Quora

Reading: Electric Charges Why do protons repel protons but attract electrons? Quora From gravity, protons and neutrons do attract each others, but the gravity force is. Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons Chapter 4: The Periodic Table.

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Reading: Electric Charges

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